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Ugh, the future.

I’m surprised I’ve had time to breathe today.

This semester is one of the busiest I’ve had, and yet I’m managing it so much better than I have in the past. It makes sense that I would finally figure out this whole “college” thing my final semester of classes.

Or is it my final semester?

Next fall I’ll be doing my student teaching, at the completion of which I will receive my bachelor’s in Secondary Education with an endorsement in Art K-12. It feels so strange and grown-up to say something like that.

However, I’ve been encouraged by my adviser and some professors to pursue a second endorsement in ESL (English as a Second Language). This would mean two more semesters of school after graduation, during which time I could substitute teach and possibly teach full-time (depending on my schedule). Teachers with ESL endorsements are highly sought-after today, because of how many ELL students are coming into the schools. I would even be more hire-able for an art teaching position, which is nice in these times of uncertainty in the fine arts education world.

But it’s kind of a struggle, because I’m so close to the finish line, I can see that cliched ribbon at the end, but instead of finishing triumphantly, I’m thinking, “Shouldn’t we move that ribbon back a couple of miles?”

Is it even worth finishing school now if my position within the job market is so shaky?

Is it worth spending more money (Post-baccalaureate classes cost twice as much as undergrad per semester) and staying in the school mode to get an endorsement in something I’m not even sure I’d like to do?

I have roughly a month to make the decision, and I could use some serious prayer as I make my decision. Sage advice is also welcomed. Parsley advice is strictly prohibited. (That joke was well thymed).


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