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Today is today

Today, today. Today is the first day of the new semester. I really like this first day of the new semester, because I only have one class and it’s not until 2:30 in the afternoon. And it is Intermediate Ceramics, which I am excited about. And afterwards I get to get coffee with my friend Jared.

This may or may not be the first semester in which I do not feel completely overwhelmed or anxious about a new semester starting. I’m just ready to do this thing. All summer long I was up at the crack of dawn, and so it’s not really too much different for me to just jump into a school year of early mornings.

I’m a little melancholy because of the fact that I am the only intern in the Rivercrest internship program who isn’t heading up to the black hills today for a backpacking expedition. Stupid school! It just so happens that I’m also the only intern who is still in college. All the other ones are bonding, hiking, and having fun without me. And here I am in boring old Lincoln.

It’s not so bad though, considering. I may be able to go on some of the other trips, and the sooner I can get this degree finished, the sooner I can feel like a real grown-up.

But anyway! Today. Today today today. Today, the sun is shining through the leaves of the vine on my windowsill. Today, a big truck spewing black smoke is just outside, dumping tar to repair the parking lot. Today, I finally perfected making coffee in my french press, and today I finished reading the book of Daniel.

Today, my room is still messy. My hair still needs cutting. My trash still needs emptied.

Today is the day the Lord has made.


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