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Well, this is awkward.

Hey….hey there.

I feel like I should explain about the long absence. I’ve been so so busy, truly. Let me catch you up to speed on my life.

I finished the school year out, spent a good three weeks packing and making lists and buying things, then shipped out to Camp Rivercrest where I am a program activities person. I’ve been here for a little over two months, and get to use the internet about once a week, and usually then for only a half hour or so.

It’s actually been a great experience. This is my seventh year in this little spot in the woods. I’ve climbed the ladder from dish washer to assistant cook to counselor..and now I’m basically in charge of their dirt bikes program, since I’m the only one on program staff with any kind of mechanical background. I’m loving it, because I get to get greasy and increase my bike riding and fixing experience. I also get really awkward tan line from standing in a big open field all day teaching kids how to ride under the hot sun. All the other program staff have jobs in the forest, but not I. I toil under the vast Nebraska sky and watch hawks and crop dusters alike wheel overhead.

It’s going to be quite difficult to go back to living in the city. This happens every year, but this year especially so, because this year I spent so much more time outside. And I love it, truly I do.

I have felt a shifting in my heart this summer, and I’ve felt God opening up an avenue for my future that I have never before considered. Although I am three semesters away from my Art Ed degree, I am feeling drawn to a career in camp leadership. I still love art and would love to teach it, but working in camp ministry would fulfill some of the other things I’ve always wanted from my life.

I’ve always wanted to live my life in a place where I can marvel at the outdoors. I always thought the answer to that would be to become a farmer, but the financial insecurity and complete lifestyle switch of farming is something I’m not prepared to undertake. However if I make my living at a camp, I get to experience that, the marvelling in God’s creation. I get to toil under a vast blue sky.

This fall I am taking part in a part-time internship with Rivercrest, and during this time I hope to become more experienced in how a camp is run from the managerial, leadership side of things. I also hope to find out what part of camp ministry I am most suited to working in, whether it be programming or promoting or activities. I’m pretty excited about it. For once, I’m excited about my future and seeing what God has in store.

I should probably go now, it’s almost dinner time and I’ve spent enough time on the internet as it is. Goodbye!


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