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You can’t get any more hardcore than Jesus.

It is April, it is Saturday, it is beautiful outside.

I am sitting at the Mill underneath the beautiful fig tree in the window, and every time I look at it’s sappy leafy branches I say a little prayer that my fig tree at home will someday be this big an happy looking. Mine’s a little sad at the moment, but I’m working on correcting my horticultural mistakes.

I really don’t have anything to complain about right now. I shouldn’t complain anyway. I was reading in 2nd Timothy this morning, and whenever I read one of those books that Paul wrote I always feel bad about how much I stress out about my life. If I was one of Timothy’s friends I think he would be mad at me, because I’d write him letters that were a lot different than Paul’s. For example:

Dear Timothy,

How are things in Ephesus? I’m just here in America chilling at my parent’s house. Lately I’ve been feeling pretty down on myself and a little tired of living my life for Christ. It’s just so hard sometimes, and I don’t want my friends to judge me. They would totally judge me. Anyway, I have to go, Say Yes to the Dress is on. Looove that show!


Meanwhile Paul would be writing him letters like:

Dear Timothy,

How are you? I hope things are going well, and you’re still in love with Jesus and following Him. I’m doing pretty good, all of my friends abandoned me and I’m in a jail in Asia being tortured because of my faith in God. But it’s alright because my soul still belongs to Jesus. I was just wondering, could you bring me some things? I’m going to die soon. Say hi to everyone in Ephesus for me!


See what I mean? Timothy would probably get Paul’s letter and my letter at the same time, and he’d open Paul’s first (obviously, wouldn’t you?) and read it, and he’d have to sit down when he got to the part about Paul being in jail in Asia. Then after he sat there and stared into space for awhile, thinking about how Paul wanted him to come to Asia and how he was dying, he would realize he was holding my unopened letter. Then he’d open it, and probably find it pretty disgusting. He’d probably just throw it in the fireplace and go tell his wife that he was going to Asia.

2nd Timothy is a good book. I like all of the letters from Paul to different places. Paul was a pretty amazing guy, and I’m glad we have all of his letters. God obviously knew what He was doing when he wanted Paul to write letters. I bet Paul didn’t know that 2000 years later I’d read his letters to Timothy and write about it on my laptop in this coffee shop. (He probably would’ve been like laptop? Coffee? Shop?)

Speculation is fun. I like the Bible. I like Paul. He’s my favorite person in the bible. Besides Jesus, that is.

You can’t get any more hardcore than Jesus.


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