Cinahilger's Blog

Of twist and turn, trial and tribulation.

Today I am desperately clinging to the last few shreds of spring break. I am also scrambling to get all of the homework done which I staved off until today, this last day.

But surprisingly, I have pretty much all of it done. I skipped church on this most momentous of days, worked on homework, got some lunch and ran to my parents to photograph a couple of the paintings I gave to them (for my portfolio project, due Tuesday) and now I am taking a moment to breathe at the Mill. It is a strange day, today. At once trying to savor the last moments of break while simultaneously easing my mind into the realization that work resumes tomorrow morn.

However, only 5 weeks remain of this semester. That is my mantra. Five more weeks, I tell myself as I turn off my alarm at 5:15 am. Five more weeks, I remind myself as my egotistical teacher makes it clear she doesn’t like me. Five more weeks. Five. More. Weeks.

Yet at the same time I don’t want to get into the habit of just simply coasting and surviving until the next break. My life is lived in between breaks, my life is lived at 5:30 a.m. when I turn on the bathroom light and am instantly blinded. My life is lived when I pray for patience and love and a good attitude through the next class with my troublesome teacher. My life is lived when I stress, unwind, let go, take up responsiblity, take up my cross daily for Him.

So, in short, bring on today with it’s complex emotions. Bring on tomorrow with it’s trials. And let me never forget to thank the One Who makes each day new.


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