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I like to imagine that spring arrived today- like a western outlaw, at high noon. That’s the time at which the light snow turned into light rain, and the white on the ground turned to puddles and drips.

It’s amazing to me, after a whole cold winter, how the simple smell of wet earth is welcomed so heartily. The smell of the ground which is always under our feet, a smell that by mid-May I will completely overlook.

This world is full of changes. At the beginning of winter I marvel at the newness of the falling snow, and my heart soars as if I’ve never seen such a thing before. Then, by February, I’ve completely given up hope of ever seeing green grass again.

And suddenly, like a firework bursting in the night sky, like a bird startled out of the underbrush, the first warm day shows it’s face. Suddenly I’m made aware of a the new, beautiful change in the world and see it anew for the first time.

This will go on, I suspect, year by year, season by season, until the day I leave here. How quickly we forget what has come before, and how completely and totally we accept our current habitats. We look not to the future, nor to the past. Instead we stay, letting the present wash over us. Every season, every day, every moment is new and we continually notice the novelty, accept it, become bored with it, and find ourselves surprised by the next step on the stairway.

I am not a big-picture person.  I don’t think any of us are. God didn’t create us to know the whole story. He created us to marvel, to forget, and to marvel again. Like children playing peek-a-boo, we are extremely nearsighted in our perception of the world.

And in this I find joy in things like the smell of damp earth. Soon I will find joy in the tall, tall shining cornstalks. The crisping, flaming leaves of autumn. The silent glory of a winter night.

Then the smell of cool, damp earth.


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