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This weekend, I am sick.

It’s not the sickest I’ve ever been, but it’s certainly not the least sick, either.

Just the right amount of sick to be terrible, but not enough to need a prescription or…you know, anything more than some really bad days at work and several boxes of tissues.

The worst thing for me isn’t the fever or the tiredness, it’s when your sinuses get as dry as the dry dry sahara, and every inhale and swallow hurts. It’s times like that where I wish I could just live in a sauna. Ugh!

Yes, this is a very complain-y entry. I’ve been forcing myself through class, work, and church this week all the while stuffy and sleepy and chilly. So I will complain while I can, because it’s not often one has a viable reason to wallow in their own destitution. Since I’m surrounded by a warzone of used tissues and listening to Daniel Tosh’s new standup for the second time in a row (it’s not as good as his first standup, and watching it twice consecutively doesn’t redeem that fact) I will indulge in some complaint, and do so with absolutely NO remorse.


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