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I can’t even bake a potato.

Whenever I run out of food, I stand in my kitchen and stare into my refridgerator and wish there was food there.

However, since I’m poor and homely, I have to wait until I get a paycheck before I can go grocery shopping. So I make a mental note to write out a grocery list of all the things that would be good to have around to eat.

This rarely gets done.

Then, after a pitiful meal of a slice of American cheese melted in a hamburger bun, I’ll drag myself to the grocery store where I will wander around for  while, usually without thinking coherently and/or while talking on my cellphone to my mom, and pick up some items that will form a good meal (such as some roast, bread, or pasta sauce) and some items that are completely random but just sound good (for instance, a container of feta cheese).

Then I’ll toddle off to my house and put all of this food away.

However, the thought of all of that food in my fridge is usually pretty distracting, and I’ll eat a lot of it right after I get it because…well, because it’s there and that’s exciting. When you only have one choice for your meals, it’s exciting to be able to choose between roast or pasta or pizza or sandwiches.

So I ate a frozen pizza for lunch (topped with feta cheese), a roast and baked potato (undercooked  because I’m impatient) for dinner, followed by a toasted bagel with feta cheese, followed by a boysenberry yogurt.

Yes, not only am I an undisciplined shopper, I am an undisciplined cook and an undisciplined eater.

And now I’ve bared my soul here, for all to know and beware.

No, I don’t feel any better now. Thanks though.


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