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Yet another week drags by, and here I am watching Harry Potter in my warm, cozy room. It’s getting cold out there, and I finally dug out my space heater.

I absolutely hate the cold. Every winter as I bundle up in as many layers as possible and head out into the cold, I wonder why I live in a place where I’m miserably cold for half the year. My coffee intake rises sharply in the winter, more for the fact that I need something warm to hold on to than for any of the (numerous) other merits of coffee.

So it’s nights like this, when I’m wrapped in blankets, watching a wonderful movie, that I remember how lucky I am to have warmth when two or three feet from me, on the other side of this wall, it’s freezing cold. It makes me cherish warmth. I think that if I could, I would gather it up in a crystal ball and keep it with me so I’m always warm. If only my body temperature could be about twenty degrees hotter without me dying. Then I could emit heat, like a fresh-baked loaf of bread.

All of this talk of bread has made me hungry. It all comes down to food, doesn’t it? Until next time then!


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