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I hate the word “Blog”

What is it about great writing that makes me want to write? I always feel this compelling urge to put down my thoughts. I suppose that’s why, in addition to this shiny brand-new blog, I have two tangible paper-and-ink blogs, a livejournal, and a journal kept on the hard drive of my computer. For some reason I always feel the need to separate out my musings instead of mashing them all together. I guess I’ve always been a journaller. I write in spurts. I do many things in spurts, actually. Draw in spurts. Write in spurts. Eat mexican food in spurts. I might be an ever-changing creature, but it’s mainly cyclical.

Honestly, I started this blog because I know no one will read it. But there’s still the excitement that someone could read it, if they wanted to. If they dug it up out of the sands of cyberspace. It’s like a pirate burying treasure.

Because, as I said, I have another blog. I could just write more regularly my musings upon my already constructed, six-years-in-the-making blog. But I know who reads that blog. It’s not so much that I don’t want those people reading this blog, but my other one serves a more concrete purpose; to catch up readers on my life. And while this isn’t a strictly separate blog in terms of usage, I don’t want to be constrained to the same topics based on who I know is reading. Does that make sense?

When I go into Barnes and Noble, one of my favorite sections is the journal section. I simply love journals, the way they feel in my hands and how lovely and full of promise their bank-paper insides are, waiting for me to leave my impression. It’s like a perfect unmarked yard of snow just waiting to be played in. It’s so beautiful you don’t want to change it, and yet not to change it would be to miss out on so much more. 

And so here I sit, with my sbarros pizza and my ipod in the middle of the university, taking my first step onto brilliant unmarked snow.

That being said, I hate the word “blog”. It sounds like the name of a cave troll, or the sound of someone throwing up. More than that, it sounds so cliche’d and mainstream. I am definitely averse the mainstream, or at least to the idea that I am the same as everyone else. Perhaps that is why I’m so turned off by calling these online journals “blogs”. I’ll continue to use the word, because the alternative to “blog” is “online journal” and, let’s face it, this entry is already taking a turn for the abysmally long.

If you think of a better name for them, though, please tell me. I’d welcome the change.


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